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Digital Calipers(Electronic Calipers) offer easy reading, gearless precision, with both English and Metric Measurements. Anyi Digital Calipers come with SPC(Statistical Process Control) output and allow for quick and easy data collection when utilized with SPC software.
  • Standard digital caliper

    Standard digital caliper

    Standard digital caliper * Can measure OD, ID and depth. * Large and clear LCD readout. Inch or mm conversion. * Zero-setting at any position * Capacity system with date output interface * Include two 1.5V button batteries which are easy to replace. * Available with carbide-tipped measuring faces to improve the durability and working life. * Accessries: Packing box, battery and user manual.

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  • Dial Calipers

    Dial Caliper

    With shock resistant and durable steel-alloy surface, this precision tool will deliver unfailing .002" accuracy long after the best reloading dies have worn out. Comes with storage case. Its relatively new feature is the ability of the inside measurement jaws to pass by each other so smaller dimensions can be read and a single scale is needed which further makes the readings easier to determine.

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  • Universal Digital Calipers

    Universal Digital Caliper

    Beside the normal function, universal digital caliper has a wide variety of specially customized measuring heads for different tasks of measurement. It is the most multi-purpose digital caliper worldwide.

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