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Special Calipers

  • Protective Digital Calipers

    Protective Digital Calipers

    Unlike other digital calipers, the device is built with a protective bracket to prevent sweat, cutting liquid and other liquids dropping to the beam. Large LCD display for easy reading.

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  • Gap gauge step gauge gap gage gap measure car gauge surface gauge

    Gap gauge step gauge gap gage gap measure car gauge surface gauge

    Combined height measuring function with gap measuring function, the device is with simple structure, complete functions and portable style. Its resolution lies in 0.01mm with a measuring range from 0 to 12.7mm.

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  • Digital Welding Gauges

    Digital Welding Gauges

    A fast and accurate way of ensuring the quality of your weld jobs, this digital welding gauge is perfect for general fabrication work. Four kinds of angles for your preparation, such as 60°,70°,80°and 90. Easy to use and reads measurements in both millimeters and inches, it can be used for measuring various industries, such as auto, shipping and boiler industries.

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  • Digital Snap Gauges

    Digital Snap Gauges

    Easy to use in narrow space, the device is lightweight in your convenience for carrying. The resolution reaches as high as 0.01mm at a measuring range from 0 to 30mm.

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