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Electronic Three Point Internal Digital Micrometers


Carbide-tipped contact points and three lateral protruding fingers of highly wear-resistance material; 

Measurement can be taken close to the bottom of a blind bore;

With Ratchet Stop for steady measuring;

Range(mm/in) Resolution Permissible Error Order No. Price Buy Now
6-8mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-301 $248.39USD
8-10mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-302 $248.39USD
10-12mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-303 $248.39USD
12-16mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-304 $266.13USD
16-20mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-305 $266.13USD
20-25mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-306 $277.42USD
25-30mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-307 $277.42USD
30-40mm 0.001mm ±0.004mm 213-308 $311.29USD
40-50mm 0.001mm ±0.005mm 213-309 $311.29USD
50-63mm 0.001mm ±0.005mm 213-310 $329.04USD
62-75mm 0.001mm ±0.005mm 213-311 $350USD
75-88mm 0.001mm ±0.005mm 213-312 $362.91USD
87-100mm 0.001mm ±0.005mm 213-313 $379.84USD

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  • kunal on July 21, 2016, 12:23 pm

    dear sir we are in market for our requirement of digital inside/bore micrometer. from your catalog of"Electronic Three Point Internal Digital Micrometers" we want to inquire for the following: 1) technical brochure 2)can we use the same micromete

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Electronic Three Point Internal Digital Micrometers

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