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RTJ Ring Groove Measuring face caliper API flange seal caliper


1)RTJ Ring groove flange face caliper, flanged valves, 23 degree angle.  23 degree angle,
octagonal gasket and block ring sealing structure,oval type ring joint gaskets.

2)Easy measre the pitch diameter of the Ring joint groove face, measuring the flange valve and pipe flange's diameter. Ring Groove Measuring.

3)With presetting function, easy to measure the origin-setting.

4)Pitch diameter=(ID+OD)/2

Range(mm/in) Permissible Error Resolution Order No. Price Buy Now
10-300mm ±0.03mm 0.01mm RTJ300 $128.00USD
10-500mm ±0.05mm 0.01mm RTJ500 $260.00USD
10-600mm ±0.05mm 0.01mm RTJ600 $320.00USD
10-1000mm ±0.08mm 0.01mm RTJ1000 $435.00USD

Questions & Comments

  • Linda Croft on January 29, 2015, 2:47 am

    We test this caliper, it very nice. It can measure diameter of ring seal groove very convenient. Thanks for your team!

  • Linda Croft on January 29, 2015, 2:45 am

    Just receive this caliper, it looks nice! Will test and let you know!

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Product Detail

Denotes API critical dimension, break sharp corner typical, groove dimensions for type "R" and "RX" gaskets, size API 6A, API 3-5m ANSI, Ring Groove Measuring.

rjt api ring groove calipers,special caliper 

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